Credit and Return Policy

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Order Related Credits

Picking Errors:

In the event of a picking error please contact the office with the following information:

  • Store name and invoice number
  • Product number for invoiced item that was not received
  • Product number (or UPC) for the incorrect item received
  • If you would like to keep or return the incorrect item

The process for picking errors:

  • The customer should call and report the error within 48 hours of reception
  • We will issue a correction to credit the store for the missing item
  • We will place a temporary charge for the item that was received in error on the customer account
  • If the customer would like to keep the item sent in error no further action is required
  • If the incorrect product is to be returned to the warehouse, we will issue an RMA for the item.
  • A copy of the RMA will be sent with the driver on the customer’s next delivery date and a copy will be emailed to the customer
  • Once the return is verified by the warehouse a credit will be issued to reverse the temporary charge
  • If the error is caught during delivery, the driver will ask customer to fill out Product Return Form with information above to send back with incorrect item for credit.
  • If customer is unable to fill out the form they must hold onto incorrect item and contact the office for a Return Authorization.

Damaged Product:

All damaged product must be reported within 48 hours of reception. Customers must submit pictures of the damage that necessitated the claim. Orders that ship via 3rd party carriers require a Damage Claim to be filed with the driver at the time of delivery and need to be reported to Manchester within 48 hours as well.

Products that arrive in unsellable condition are eligible to be credited in full. Customers should contact the office for instructions on what to do with the damaged products. 

If the customer decides the item is “salvageable” we can authorize a 20% discount for quick-sale instead of a full credit.

If the product is still in sellable condition but the customer does not want to keep it at a discounted rate a return authorization will be issued and credit will be applied once the returned product is verified by the warehouse.

Short Shipments:

All shorts should be reported within 48 hours of reception. The customer can report the short via email ( or by phone (1-800-265-5139).

All short credit requests must include:

  • the customer’s name
  • the invoice number the short occurred
  • the part numbers/ quantities missing.

Other Credits

All other credit requests should be submitted within 365 days of the event causing the need for the credit claim. All documentation can be submitted in one of three ways:

  • If the customer’s sales rep visits the customer location within 365 days the customer can give the documentation to them for submission
  • The customer can give the documentation to their delivery driver provided it is ready when the driver arrives and all documentation is contained in a sealed envelope marked “attention credits”
  • The customer can choose to mail it attention “credits” to:

Manchester Pet Supplies

349A Henry Street

Brantford, ON

N3S 7V6

Other Credit Types

Frequent Buyers:

If the customer’s store participates in a frequent buyer program and would like a credit for a redeemed item they should submit the frequent buyer documentation and the receipt showing the redemption within 365 days of the redemption date.

Customer Returns:

Credit requests for returns should include:

    • Store name and location
    • Return date
    • Product code or UPC
    • Brand, description, size
    • reason for return
    • If an edible product, include the lot number whenever possible
    • For any returns where a picture would be helpful, please submit them to  with a brief explanation of the issue.

Please submit request within 365 days of the return.


If the customer accepts a vendor’s coupon for redemption, they should submit coupon and the receipt showing the redemption within 365 days of the redemption being completed.

General Return Guidelines

All product being returned to Manchester must:

  • Be in sellable condition – clean, no price tags, etc.
  • Have 6+ months before expiry date (if applicable)
  • Include a fully completed Return Form or RA form issued by the office
    • Please note, no paperwork will result in the credit not being able to be issued.
  • Return must be requested within 365 days of the initial purchase
  • Once the return is verified the credit will be issued.

Concealed Damage

If concealed damage is discovered after the 48-hour window please report it as soon as possible. Include as much detail about the damage, including pictures where possible, for the credit specialist to review.


End Note:

In case of special circumstances or for questions not covered in this document the customer should contact their sales rep for guidance.